About Us

 Dr. Loretta Ellison Jones is a remarkable woman of God whom God has chosen to use in this last day and hour to deliver his unadulterated word.  She was born and still  is a native of Sardis, GA.

Dr. Loretta Ellison Jones was born to Mrs. Margaret Warren and Mr. Roosevelt Ellison.  She is the wife of Bishop Willie Jones, Jr. of Allendale, SC. She has five natural children,three extended children, 13 natural grandchildren and nine extended grandchildren.

  A woman of persistence with ministry at heart, Jones has ascertained multiple diplomas and degrees from higher learning institutes such as Penn  Foster University, Swainsboro Technical College, Augusta Technical College, Christian Fellowship Bible Institute, Virtuous Women and Men Bible College, In Search of the Lord’s Way Bible College, and Word of Faith Bible College.  Jones is also a  graduate of the University of Phoenix and Ashford University.

 God has gifted Dr. Loretta Ellison Jones to operate in the areas of evangelism, teaching, healing, prophesying, and singing.  In her spare time, Dr. Jones enjoys fishing, reading, and walking. Currently, Dr. Jones serves as a teacher of students with behavioral disorders and also as co-pastor of  two churches,Gospel Explosions  in Sardis, GA, and  Pine Grove Holiness in Portal Ga and she is  Founder of Bethesda School Ministries In Sardis Georgia, Though a woman of many talents and gifts, at the end of the day, Dr. Jones just simply loves the Lord with all of her heart and soul.​ Mega Blessings ~ Dr. Loretta Ellison Jones~